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Inspiration and Overview


A Place for Explorers—A story of Beginnings

This tells the story of inspiration behind the software's creation. It shows how the seed of a dream was planted in the mind of its creator and how that seed grew into the 3D software now available.

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Quick Overview of the Software in Action

This short video shows how easily the 3D view of our solar neighborhood rotates with a simple click and drag. It also shows how to navigate your way around the software, increasing the scale, reducing the number of stars displayed by type, and the relationship between the close-up Viewing Cube and the broad view Locator Cube. You can see how selecting a specific star reveals details about that star, including its name and related catalog numbers, position, distance, spectral type and other unique details. In the software's Sky Map view, you see the night sky in one of several helpful modes, including Distance mode, where the size of the stars represents closeness, instead of brightness. Even more exciting is the Alien Sky View—showing the constellations as seen from other star systems, including the location of our own sun in those constellations.


Birthday Constellations


Cancer Birthday Constellation—Interesting Star Facts (June 21–July 22)

Focus on the constellation Cancer—showing closest stars, brightest stars, the most interesting, clusters and galaxies. Includes alien sky views from 55 Cancri—a system with 5 known planets.


Simple How-To's


For specific, step-by-step instructions on how to do common tasks with the software, please view the Tutorials page.


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