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These tutorials for Stars in the NeighborHood™ software help make you an instant expert.

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How to Select a Star

Most functions in the software depend on your ability to select a star as your current "Focus." And this software offers a number of ways to select a star.

Find out how to select a focus star.

Software detail, selecting a star

How to Maneuver through the
Galactic Solar Vicinity

The software allows you to move throughout our Solar Vicinity of the Milky Way galaxy.

Find out how to maneuver through the solar vicinity.

Software detail, moving through the solar vicinity

How to Start with
Your Favorite Settings

If you find yourself switching the settings when you start Stars in the NeighborHood, you may want to change the startup conditions.

Find out how to change your startup conditions.

Software detail, startup options

How to Find the Distance
Between Two Stars

Calculating the distance between two stars is easy. You don't have to calculate anything. Just point-and-click, read the answer, and you're done.

Find out how to calculate the distance between two stars.

Software detail, finding distance between two stars
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