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User Gallery

All users of Stars in the NeighborHood™ software are invited to submit their discoveries of interesting asterisms, alignments and constellations in the nearly two million Alien Sky views currently possible. It is quite likely that no one person has seen all of them.

Not all discoveries will be posted, but those that are should include the following information:

  • The MSDB catalog number of the Focus star (Star Data, Identity).
  • Sky Map direction (Sky Map Selector, Prominent Features [from Sol] description); example: "Orion including Rigel and Betelgeuse."
  • The name you've given the asterism or constellation.
  • The MSDB numbers of the main stars in the stellar configuration.
  • (optional) Your name.
  • Your country.
  • Your state or province (if applicable).
  • Version of the software (Menu: Help, About Stars in the Hood, Description).
  • (optional) Your description of the asterism or constellation.

Simply gather all of the information and send it through the "Contact" email form.

Alien Constellations

Astronomy Space Software - Space Stars in the NeighborHood: Alpha Centauri Constellation, The Snake.
Alpha Centauri Constellation, The Snake. With Javascript on, view details by moving mouse over the picture.

The Snake



MSDB: 2505
Alpha Centauri


Cassiopeia, Perseus & Andromeda, including Double Cluster


Philippines, Cebu




Our own sun takes part in this constellation of The Snake. From Earth, most of these stars make up our constellation Cassiopeia.

Astronomy Space Software - Space
Astronomy Space Software - Space

Discover Your Own Alien Constellation

Find your own interesting Alien Skies constellation and have it added here for all to see.

More to come...

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