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Views of Alien Worlds and Alien Skies

Colorful views of strange worlds and exotic night skies where the constellations are sometimes completely unrecognizeable.

Astronomy Space Software - Space Stars in the NeighborHood: Sample Space Poster with constellation outline of Orion.
Sample Space Poster with constellation outline of Orion as seen from six-sun ADS 9731.  
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A New View of Orion

The complex system, ADS 9731, holds six suns. The view from its night skies of Orion doesn't look anything like the strong and tall hunter which graces our Earthly myth. Instead, the mythical figure appears all bent over and crippled.

Our sun is an unseen spec only visible in powerful telescopes. The Pleiades, Ursa Major (Big Dipper), and Hyades clusters are still visible, but noticeably smaller and dimmer.

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