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Astronomy Space Software - Space Stars in the NeighborHood: Star List
The list of stars used in the software.

Star List Sources

In the Star List Query, you can call up all or only a select portion of the stars found in Stars in the NeighborHood™ software.

First, we start with the Yale Bright Star Catalog. Why? That's simple, really. This contains most of the naked-eye visible stars—9,096 of them. A sizeable number of these are outside of the Solar vicinity and are not included in the searchable list, but they are included in the Sky Map views.

Next, we include the Gliese Catalog of Nearby Stars. Again, the reason is obvious. This includes most of the stars in the neighborhood, plus a few just outside in the larger vicinity. And naturally, many of the nearby stars are also found in the Bright Star Catalog. So, there is a large degree of overlap.

Additionally, stars have been added because of their peculiar or interesting nature, like ADS 9731, a rare system which contains six suns. Other catalogs have been consulted for the details on these stars, including the Aitken Double Star Catalog, the Henry Draper Catalog, the SAO and DM catalogs, plus individual articles found at NASA's Astronomical Data Center. In addition, some stars were added because they have been found to possess planets. For these, information has been gathered from the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia and the SIMBAD online stellar database.

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Astronomy Space Software - Space Stars in the NeighborHood: NGC 346 in the Small Magellanic Cloud, outside the Milky Way galaxy.
Far beyond the neighborhood, NGC 346 graces the space of the Small Magellanic Cloud, one of our neighboring galaxies.

A Hunger for More

Every star catalog tantalizes the wanderlust which built this software. Hipparcos and Tycho, Hubble Guide Star Catalog (v.1.2), the Naval Observatory's NOMAD and UCAC3 catalogs, and dozens more. And every upgrade to this software is yours—for life!

If you have a passion for the stars, you need Stars in the NeighborHood software. We've only begun to explore our neck of the Milky Way galaxy.

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